Adamantine Dragon in the Crystal World – Table of Contents


In a fantasy world known as “Flow” there was a Demon Emperor whose power was so ridiculous that gods couldn’t even compare to him. Then one day he got hit by a powerful curse and got banished to a completely different world. That’s how it roughly happened. Roughly…

Arc 1:

Arc 2:


24 responses to “Adamantine Dragon in the Crystal World – Table of Contents

  1. My god, this is an amazing story. I thoroughly look forward to the opportunity to reading more translations as they come out. I thank you for this hidden gem and wish you luck in this and any future endeavors. You have a superb talent for this.


  2. I love this story and I am really hoping it updates again soon. I am completely fascinated by the concept and plot that the author is trying to bring across. Which the author does rather well.


  3. The best harem I have ever seen, also maybe the biggest one XD
    Hate it when the tag harem is just an achievement for the MC, where they dont have any characteristic, or sometimes they have like a complex (possessive, jealous, timid, etc), or tail, or they are bigger/smaller than the MC, but after… Lets say “conquer”, they lose all that except the name and just follow the MC around, no special complex, no tail, no nothing, all attention in the next heroine….
    Also hate those harem with slaves or mind control. Is totally the same but only with being a bad MC.

    Anyway, the story development also does not fall behind =D Great story!

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    • have you heard of the novel Fimbulwinter? Sounds like you would love it.
      The MC’s harem expands slowly and becomes more of a polyamorous relationship between its members. The MC is OP is some regards but he only stands out among mortal wizards and despite anything he attains that could be called cheaty he never has it easy fighting off the impending apocalypse


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