Arc 2: 13!

Sorry for late chapter!

I published it on my RoyalRoadL page, but completely forgot it here! My bad…

And here’s a glimpse towards Black Angel’s Darkness!

Arc 2: 13 – Calla’s Lord


Chapter Arc 2: 11!

Alright here is the next chapter haha, edited by myself…

Before you guys get to the chapter I have a small question.

I can’t seem to be able to find a good resource to archaic terms…

There are a lot of prophecies in future and they definitely will sound much better with archaic flavor!

Gimme a link if you can.


Here is the chapter:

Arc 2: 11

Next chapter: Probably next Sunday.

Now I have to get back to royalroadl haha.

Have fun!

I’m sorry!

Ok, yeah, somehow, I’m back. This is awkward.

Real life just killed me to death, so this post is an apology for all of you guys who followed me.

Actually, I came back here like a month ago but honestly I was scared, cause I disappeared for more than half a year 😦

So I had a bit of time to think about things…

Here is what I came to:

Well, about Crystal World… I’m sorry to say but it will be put on hiatus… semi-hiatus, I will try to write when I have time, but its simply uncertain. Plus I feel like if I continue at this pace and it will be a major spoiler to Flow World.

And yes, I’m thinking about starting to write Flow World.

For 2016 I will stop procrastinating! I will!